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Before reinserting the bitumen at 200 pounds of pressure, we make sure that the surface is free of foreign matter (leaves, grass, sand). Then we stabilize the cracks with polymer sand, in order to make them waterproof and grassproof.

Weed removal
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Reinsertion of bitumen

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Reinserting bitumen into your asphalt will multiply its lifespan and give it back its original look. Indeed, the bitumen being the original glue of your asphalt, putting it back gives it a new life; it increases its flexibility and thus its resistance to cracks.

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Laying of new asphalt

Whether it is to correct a difference in level, add a new section or a new paving. We are experts in the field and our prices are more than competitive for the quality of asphalt laid according to the rules of the trade. 

Creation of an asphalt ramp

In order to keep runoff water away from your home’s foundation, we can create a small sloped ramp that allows the desired drainage. Our ramps are made of hot asphalt for better adhesion and durability. 

Asphalt removal

When the asphalt has lacked bitumen for too many years, cracks combined with thawing frosts result in potholes, bumps and stone aggregates. We can remove what is left to level the ground and start anew.

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